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Business Analyst  Online Training By IT Professionals

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What is Business Analyst ?

Business Analysis is the process of understanding business change needs, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analysing and documenting requirements and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties.

Business Analyst Training Course Content Outline :

1. Principles and Concepts For Business Analyst
2. Overview Of Relationship Between Certified Software Business Analyst and Quality
3. Quality Pioneers, Thinkers and Innovators
4. Basic Quality Definitions
5. Business Analysis and Management Tools for Quality
6. Leadership and Management Concepts
7. New Behaviors for Management
8. Quality Management
9. Quality Champions
10. Empowerment of Employees
11. Environment Supportive of Quality
12. Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Software Business Analysts
13. Understanding and Applying Standards for Software Development
14. Standards Organizations and Models
15. Process Management Concepts
16. Process Mapping
17. Process Planning and Evaluation Process
18. Measures and Metrics
19. Overview Of  Business Fundamentals
20. Understanding Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
21. Developing an Organizational Vocabulary
22. Organizational Funding
23. Business Environment
24. Business Analysis Tools
25. Regulation
26. Completion of Analysis
27. Business Requirements
28. Processes used to define Business requirements
29. Quality Requirements
30. Constraints and Trade-offs
31. Critical Success Factors and Critical Assumptions
32. Prioritizing Requirements and Quality Function Deployment
33. Developing Testable Requirements
34. Tracing Requirements
35. Managing Requirements
36. Software Development in the Process Context
37. Major Components of Software Processes
38. Traditional Approaches to Software Development
39. Agile Development Methodologies
40. Software Development Process Improvement
41. Project Management, Estimation and Scheduling
42. Software Project Risks
43. Testing Concepts
44. Roles and Responsibilities of Resources in Testing
45. Acceptance Test Planning Process
46. Acceptance Test Execution
47. Use Cases for Acceptance Testing
48. Data and Domain Models in Acceptance Testing
49. Defect Management
50. Definitions COTS , MOTS, PBC
51. Establish Requirements
52. Vendor Selection Process
53. Performance Criteria
54. Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software (COTS) Considerations
55. Software Contracts
56. Custom software development Issues
57. Contract Management and Reporting
58. Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager, Project Liaison, Attorneys and Legal Counsel, Test Manager and the Test Team, Designer/Developer, Business Partner and Subject Matter Expert andBusiness Analyst
59. BA Directives (sharing of Real time knowledge and advices of previous BAs)
60. Object Oriented Approach
61. UML modeling (Usecase Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams)
62. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
63. Overview Of Brainstorming, Workshops, Interviews (Elicitation Techniques)
64. Requirements Management and Communication
65. Enterprise Analysis
66. Requirements Analysis
67. Solution Assessment and Validation
68. Tools (Ms Visio, Visual paradigm, Axure) with case studies and templates.
69. Handling Documents ( BRD, URD, SRS, FRS, RTM, Solution Doc and HLD )
70. Practical Approach to Big Picture
71. Role of BA in Projects
72. Question n Answers

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