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What is c# ?

C♯ (pronounced see sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, imperative, declarative, functional, procedural, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines. It was developed  by  Microsoft within  its .NETinitiative and later approved as a standard by Ecma (ECMA-334) and ISO (ISO/IEC 23270:2006). C# is one of the programming languages designed for the Common Language Infrastructure.

C# Online Training Concepts :

Web Controls Introduction

1.Thinking about .NET
2.Using Visual Studio 2005
3.Debugging and Handling Exceptions
4.Data Types and Variables

Variables and Data Types Introduction
1.Working with Variables and Data Types
2.Using the .NET Framework

Using .NET Framework Classes
1.Working with Strings
2.Working with Dates and Times
3.Branching and Flow Control

Branching in Code
1.Code Blocks Repetition
2.Unconditional Branching
3.Classes and Objects

Introducing Objects and Classes
1.Own Classes Creation
2.Working with Classes
3.Properties and Methods

Overview of Properties and Methods
1.Working with Properties & Methods
2.Object-Oriented Techniques

2.Organizing Classes
3.Working with Arrays

Introducing Arrays
1.Arrays Manipulation
2.Indexes Creation
3.Delegates and Events

Motivating Delegates
1.Delegates Introduction
2.Working with Events

Introducing Generics
1.Generics and Arrays
2.Generic Interfaces
3.Generic Constraints
4.Generics and Lists
5.Handling Exceptions

Perspectives on Exception Handling?
1.Exception Handling Introduction
2.Catching Specific Exceptions
3.Raising Errors
4.Running Code Unconditionally
5.Creation of Exception Classes
6.Collection Classes

Generics, Collections, and Interfaces
1.Generic List
2.Working with Dictionaries, Stacks and Queues
3.Creating Your Own Generic Collection Classes
4.Visual Studio 2005 Introduction

What is .NET
1. .NET Framework Components
2. .NET Languages
3. .Net Applications
4. Create a Console Project in Visual Studio 2005
5.Option Strict
6. Intelligense
8.Add A Reference
9.Single Step from Visual Basic to C#
10.Imports/Using Statements
11.Inserting Code Snippets

Introduction to .NET Framework Classes

1.System Services
2.What’s in the BCL ?
3.Namespaces Introduction
4.System Namespace
5.System Collections
6.System Data
7.System .NET
8.System Security
9.System Web.UI.WebControls
10.System Windows Forms
11. .NET Framework Classes Introduction

String Class

1.String Builder Classes
2.File VersionInfo Classes
3.File SystemWatcher Classes
4.Dialog Demo
5.Network Event Demo
6.Classes in Framework 2.0
7.Namespace Simplifies
8.Static Classes & Dynamic Classes
9.Data Access with ADO.NET

What is ADO.NET ?

1.Introduction to ADO.NET Architecture
2. What is DataTable Object
3.Manually Filling a DataTable
4.Connections Setting
6.Reading Data with DataReader
7.Working With Data
8.Data Source Connecting
9.Getting Data into a DataSet
10.Viewing Data while Debugging
11.Data Inserting Using Stored Procedure
13. Visual C# 2005 Using Windows Services
14.Steps for Building Windows Services
15.View Current Running Services
16.Service Debugging
17.Windows Service Creation
18.Uninstall the Windows Service
19.Windows Forms Using Visual C# 2005

Why Windows Forms?
1.Visual Inheritance
2.Forms in Visual Studio
3.Windows Forms Controls
4.Base Form Creation
5.Inherited Form Creation
6.Anchoring / Docking
7.MDI Application Creation
8. Forms Displaying Programmatically
9.Event Handler code Examination
10.Adding Code to the Base Form
11.Background Worker Component
12.New Controls Of Visual Studio 2005
13.Click Once Deployment
14.Web Services Using Visual C# 2005
15.Introduction to Web Services
16. Information Transporting
17.Consuming A Web Service
18.Making Web Service Requests
19.Set a Reference to the Web Service
20.Adding Code to Call the Web Service
21.Call A More Complex Web Service
22.Create,Consume and Deploy The New Web Service

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