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Hyperion Planning Online Training By IT Professionals

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Hyperion Planning Online Training Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Hyperion Reporting

1.     Introduction to Planning Tool

2.     Applications and Plan Types Defined

3.     Planning Dimensions

4.     Advantages of Planning tool

5.     Planning Architecture

Part 2: Workspace and Planning Application

1.     Introduction and Navigating to Workspace

2.     Introduction to Planning Web Client in End User Perspective

3.     Creating Classic Planning Application

4.     Creating Inbuilt and user-defined Dimensions

5.     Introduction to Outline Load Utility

6.     Loading Metadata to Planning Application from Flat files using Outline Load Utility

7.     Deploying Planning Application to EAS Console

8.     Loading Fact Data using Rule Files in EAS Console

Part 3: Data Forms

1.     Data Forms Introduction

2.     Create a Data Form

3.     Create a Composite Data Form

4.     Manage the Data Form

5.     Custom Menus

6.     Assigning Menu to a Data Form

Part 4: Creating Business Rules

  1.      Business Rules Overview
  2.      Calculation Manager Overview
  3.      Business Rules Creation Process
  4.      Calculation Manager Security
  5.      Setting Up Business Rules
  6.      Validating, Deploying, and Launching Business Rules
  7.      Creating Variables and Runtime Prompt Variables
  8.      Creating Formulas
  9.      Adding Conditional Statements
  10.    Creating Member Ranges

 5: Manage Security

    1.     Create a Native Group and UserPart

2.     User Authentication and Authorization for Planning Applications

3.     Refresh Security to Essbase

4.     Assigning Provisioning to Groups

Part 6: WorkFlow Management and Task Lists

1.     Work Flow with Live Example

2.     Creation of Task Lists with Real-Time Scenarios

Part 7: Administration and Advanced Topics

1.     Planning Administration

2.     Introduction to EPMA and deployment of EPMA Application to EAS Console

3.     Introduction to Workforce and Capex Planning

4.     Design and Optimization of Planning Applications (Performance Issues)

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