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Prime Online Training offers PYTHON Online Training. Our PYTHON trainers are Highly talented and have Excellent Teaching skills. They are well experienced trainers in their relative field. Our online training is one of the Best online training in India For any technology. All our students were happy With our online training and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe. online training is your one stop & Best solution to learn PYTHON at your home with flexible Timings.

Prime Online Training offers the PYTHON Online Training Course in a true global setting.

What is Python ?

“Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language”. Python, although similar in some ways to Perl and Java, is its own creature. Knowing Perl or Java will help you learn Python, but it’s just as easy to pick it up as your first language. Python is great for both shell and web scripting and is making it’s way into every facet of computing from Google to video games.

Python Course Outline


1.History of PYTHON
2.PYTHON Q&A Session
3.How Python Runs Programs
4.How You Run Programs

Types and Operations

1.Introduction to Python Object Types
2.Numeric Types
3.The Dynamic Typing Interlude
5.Lists and Dictionaries
6.Tuples, Files and Everything Else

Statements and Syntax

1.Introduction to Python Statements
2.Assignments, Expressions, and Prints
3.If  Tests and Syntax Rules
4.While loop and For Loop
5.Iteractions and Comprehensions – I
6.The Documentation Interlude


1. Basics of Functions
4.Advance Function Topics
5.Iterations and Comprehensions – II


1.Modules : The Big Picture
2.Module Coding Basics
3.Module Package
4.Advance Module Topics

Classes and OOP

1.Introduction OOP
2.Class Coding Basics
3.Realistic Example
4.Class Coding Details
5.Operator Overloading
6.Designing with Classes
7.Advanced Class Topics

Exceptions and Tools

1.Exception Basics
2.Exception Coding Detail
3.Exception Objects
4.Designing With Exceptions


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