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What is QTP & QC ?

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.It is primarily used for functional regression test automation. QTP uses a scripting language built on top of VBScript to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test.

Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. QC is similar to, but not identical with,Quality Assurance(QA).

QTP & QC Course Content Online :

Introduction to Software Testing

1. Testing Overview
2. Testing Concepts
3. Client/Server and Web Application
4. SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
5. Water Fall Model
6. Incremental Model
7. V model
8. Agile model
9. FRC (Functional Requirement Specification)
10. SDS (System Design Specification)

Testing Strategy

1.Test Plan
2.Test Case
3.Test Summary Report
4.STLC (Software Test Life Cycle)
5.V – Model
6.Traceability Matrix

Testing Techniques

1.Black Box Testing
2.White Box Testing
3.Path Testing

Types of  Testing 

1.Unit Testing
2.Integration Testing
3.System Testing
4.Regression Testing
5.Functionality Testing

Load /Performance Testing

1.Stress Testing

Testing Types

1. Compatibility Testing
2. UAT
3. Smoke testing
4. Sanity Checking/Testing
5. Backend testing
6. Bug or Defect Reporting Process
7. Defect Lifecycle
8. Defect Tracking
9. Defect Priority
10. Defect Report
11. Impact Analysis
12. Gap Analysis


1. Benefits of Automation Testing
2. Benefits of Manual testing
3.  Introduction to QTP
4. QTP Stages
5. Plan / Create / Enhance
6.Record and playback
7. Results, Report Results
8. Keyword view and expert view etc…
9. How to understand the VB Script etc
10.last session of QTP
11. SystemUtil.Run() function to bring the application windows or web. Also discuss
12. VB built functions in QTP.
13.Types of Object Repositories
14. Parameterization
15. Data Driven Test
16. Excel Sheet importing and read the data from excel sheet.
17. Data Table (Importing Excel Sheet, Database Connection from QTP)
18. Types of repository
19. Synchronization
20. Types of Check points
21. Actions: Calling actions from the existing actions, splitting actions etc.
22. Parameterization in actions
23. Basics of Regular Expressions
24. Regular expressions is added while inserting checkpoint for text
25. VB Script Enhancing, write functions and call the function in another script.
26. Batch Runner
27. Multiple scripts can be run from batch runner
28. Connecting QTP with Quality Center. How to integrate Quality center with QTP
29 . Descriptive Programming: VB Scripting
30. Without recording , how to write the script, how to resolve the run time errors.
31. Introduction to Quality Center
32. Why we use Quality Center
33. Version of Quality Center
34. Overview of quality Center user interface
35. Various tabs in Quality center
36. Module Requirement
37. Requirement Module Overview
38. Creating Requirement tree
39. Creating Parent & Child requirements
40. Understanding the Description tab
41. Understanding the History tab
42. Test Plan Module
43. Folder structure Creation
44. Test case Creation
45. Test Lab Module

• Overview of Test Lab

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