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Ruby on Rails Online Training By IT Professionals

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What is Ruby on Rails ?

Ruby on Rails is a Model-View-Controller framework for creating database-driven websites in Ruby. That’s a pretty jargon-heavy explanation of what Rails is, but, believe it or not, it’s easier to understand what Rails is once you understand the pieces. At its core, Rails is built on simple concepts.

Ruby on Rails Training Course Content Outline

Introducing Ruby

  • Working with different datatypes
  • Defining Constants
  • Using Operators and Expressions
  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Working with Hashes
  • Generator and Predicate Ranges

Working with Ruby

  • The if Statement
  • Using the else / elsif Statements
  • Using the unless Statement
  • Understanding Modifiers
  • The case Statement
  • While & Until loops
  • Methods and Arguments

Introducing Rails

  • The Model-View-Controller design
  • Putting Ruby on Rails
  • Creating a Controller / an Action / a View
  • Adding HTML in The View
  • Passing Data from an Action to a View
  • Using Sessions
  • Accessing user data via form controls
  • Using data in Controls
  • Working with Modules
  • Applying Controls to Modules

Working with Ruby on Rails

  • Testing & validating data integrity
  • Setting and Reading Cookies
  • Creating Filters
  • Creating XML with Views
  • Using View Helpers
  • Using Partial Templates
  • Passing Data to Partial Templates
  • Using Ajax with Rails

Database Connection

  • Connecting to a database
  • Create and Name the Model and Controller
  • Adding & Editing records to the database
  • Displaying data from the database
  • Table-naming conventions
  • Object-relation mapping put on rails
  • Creating ActiveRecord models
  • Passing Arguments to a Method
  • Return values from a method
  • Return multiple values from a method
  • Classes, Modules and Mixins
  • Creating a Class / Modules & Mixins
  • Using an Object
  • Using Class Variables & Methods

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