SIEBEL Business Analyst Online Training

SIEBEL Business Analyst Online Training By IT Experts :

Prime Online Training facility offers best online SIEBEL Business Analyst training. Our SIEBEL Business Analyst online training is regarded as the best training in Hyderabad by students who attended SIEBEL Business Analyst online training with us. All our students were happy and able to find Jobs quickly in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Europe.  Our SIEBEL Business Analyst online training batches start every week and we accommodate your flexible timings

Prime Online Training offers the SIEBEL Business Analyst Online Course in a true global setting.

SIEBEL Business Analyst Online Training Concepts :

Module 1  : Siebel 8.0 fundamentals for Business Analysts Training

Module 2  :  Introducing Siebel Applications

Module 3  :  Using the Siebel Web Client

Module 4  :  Working with data in the Siebel User Interface

Module 5  :  Common Siebel Business Entities

Module 6  : Using Siebel Business Entities

Module 7  : Siebel Sales Functionality

Module 8  : Siebel Call Center Functionality

Module 9  :  Siebel Field Service Functionality

Module 10: Siebel Automation Features

Module 11: Other Siebel CRM Features

Module 12: Implementing Siebel Applications

Module 13: Exploring the Siebel Architecture

Module 14: Securing Siebel Implementations

Module 15: Controlling access to customer data

Module 16: Creating the company structure

Module 17: Understanding object definitions behind a Siebel Application

Module 18: Using Siebel Tools to examine Object definitions

Module 19: The Siebel Data Model

Module 20: Siebel Business Components

Module 21: Siebel Business Objects

Module 22: Picklists and multi-value groups

Module 23: Customizing UI Elements

Module 24: Introducing Siebel Workflow

Module 25: Siebel Assignment Manager

Module 26: Siebel Task UI

Module 27: Siebel iHelp

Module 28: Preparing for a Global Deployment

Our SIEBEL Business Analyst Online Training batches start every week and we accommodate your flexible timings.

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